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I work with business sellers and buyers across the USA.

I have the experience to work with foreign buyers to buy the business in the USA to reside in the USA.

We have a system and solution in place to meet almost any need that might arise during the course of selling your business.

I am an entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience up and down.

I handle the business and real estate. Over the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to own several businesses.

I am a licensed business broker in the State of California. I hold a BA in Finance from San Jose State University. I take pride in being among the top California business brokers.

We affiliate with the California Association of Business Brokers and the International Business Brokers Association. I can help you buy a business in California, sell a business in California, or increase your California Business Sales.

If you are interested in selling, buying, or franchising a business, I would love to serve you. I have the expertise, the experience, and the connections to assist you in the process of selling your business. Feel free to contact me at Sell & Buy Brokers!

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Our mission is to assist/facilitate the sellers and buyers through success and smooth transaction in the purchase and sale of small to medium size businesses. Our mission is to assist the investor to buy a business in the US in order to reside in the US.

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Smooth Transaction
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Small To Medium Business Motel
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Such as SBA Franchise, License & Escrow

How We Works


A business brokers can help determine the market value of a business through various methods such as comparative analysis and cash flow analysis.


Business brokers screen potential buyers to ensure they are financially qualified and have the necessary experience to run the business.


Business brokers help maintain confidentiality throughout the sale process, protecting the identity of the business and its owners.


A business brokers can help facilitate negotiations between the buyer and seller to ensure a fair deal is reached.


Business brokers use their knowledge and expertise to market businesses for sale to potential buyers. This includes advertising the business for sale, creating marketing materials, and reaching out to potential buyers.


A business brokers can assist in the closing process, including drafting the sales agreement, facilitating the transfer of funds, and transferring ownership of the business.

Due Diligence

Business brokers help both the buyer and seller in conducting due diligence, which includes verifying financial information, contracts, and legal documents.

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